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Product Name: Final Fantasy TCG: Rebellion's Call Prerelease Kit Box

Product Description: The set is sure to be a must-have for collectors as well. Legacy cards appear once again in this set, with particularly popular cards from past sets included as premium full art cards. In Rebellions Call, the following three are included: Firion [6-019L], Veritas of the Dark [8-136L], and Yshtola [12-119L]. These cards are not included as normal or standard premium cards.

Product Configuration:  

Each Rebellion's Call Prerelease Kit contains:

  • 9 Rebellion's Call booster packs
  • 1 Pre-Release Exclusive Promo Card
  • 1 Pre-Release Exclusive Sleeve Pack


Manufacture: Square Enix


UPC#: 662248839745

Condition: Factory Sealed

Release Date: August 30, 2022

Final Fantasy TCG: Rebellion's Call Prerelease Kit Box

SKU: 662248839745
  • Due to the volatile trading card market, all sales of trading cards are FINAL.


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